The Wilson-Bingham Family 

Celebrating a Century of Family 

Welcome to the Wilson-Bingham Family home page. In 2007, we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Alfred Raymond Wilson and Emma Jane Bingham Powell. If you are a member of this family group, please join in the fun.


  • Don't forget family temple day!

    Tomorrow is the 27th of June, which is the anniversary of the marriage of Alfred Raymond Wilson to Emma Jane Powell Bingham. Please take a moment this week to reflect on what this means for you and your family. If you're near a temple and can find the time to attend, that would be a wonderful way to mark this once in a lifetime occasion.

    If anyone would like to share their feelings about their excursion to the temple this week with the rest of the family, please send email to the wilsonbingham at (replacing " at " with the @ symbol). That way it will only get sent to our private group and won't be posted on the blog for all to see.
  • The domain has launched. Along with it come the following features:
  • The reunion to celebrate the June 27th, 100th wedding anniversary of Alfred and Emma has been postponed! The exact dates of the reunion are going to be announced later, but for now it appears it will be sometime in July 2008.
  • The book about the Wilson-Bingham family will be available sometime in 2007. Pricing will be announced here. There will also be an opportunity to pre-order the book.

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